Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Daily Grace - The Bond of Love

God calls Christians to live a life worthy of their calling by preserving the unity of the Spirit among Christians. Jesus, His son, has brought peace; destroying the walls between us and making his people ONE in him. There is indeed a joy of meeting someone new and discovering that he or she is also a believer in Christ. It is because we are one in Him.

In some places, this is not unusual because there are many believers. But in those lands where there are few believers, the joy of meeting someone else who loves Jesus must be even greater. It's thrilling to share together the amazing reality of the freedom from sin we have through Christ! It's a different feeling because there is joy and happiness.

For all who know Jes, there is a shared bond, a oneness in Christ (Gal. 3:28). There is joy of fellowship that can brighten even the darkest day. Christian fellowship builds us up and binds us together. Praise God that He brings a bond of unity to all who know Him as Savior.