Friday, November 4, 2016

Today's Godly Reminder - Romans 8:28


God has a purpose in everything that is happening in our lives. 
If we just love Him and invite Him into our hearts, He will make sure that whatever trials and pains that we will encounter, it will have great things that will lie ahead of it. 

As He promised in His Word, you will be victorious in the end in every battles that you will face everyday. God will turn our sorrow into joy, our mourning into dancing. 
Cling to His Word and promises, and put your trust in Him.


  1. Thanks very much for this words u hv no idea what u just did ,iv just got an answer to all my problems

  2. Thank you GOD for sending me an answer for what I am going through right now praise the LORD

  3. yes! everything have a purpose.. thank u God for making me Challenge to be a godservant..

  4. Amen. May the good Lord continue to help us to hold on and not give up hope.