Monday, October 10, 2016

The Daily Grace - Be Doers of the Word

If you want God’s blessing, you’ve got to obey His word. To ask God to bless your life while you disobey His word is crazy. James lines up with all of Scripture when he says that it is the doer of the word that will be blessed in what he does. Hearing the word without doing it leads to deception. Hearing the word accompanied by doing it leads to blessing.

It is important to realize that James is addressing church-going people. He is not writing to pagans, but to those who regularly hear the word of God. It is a reminder that he do not want us to stumble because to hear the word without doing it leads to self-deception. Obedience should always be the bottom line of Bible study or biblical preaching. Correct application must always be built on correct interpretation. But to study the word just to fill your head with knowledge, without applying the word, short-circuits God’s purpose in giving it.

The one who hears the word and becomes an effectual doer will be blessed in what he does.  Do you want to be blessed by the Lord? Then, act on His Word. Do not just read it without application. Apply every God's Word on your lives. Start today!



  1. What I am striving to do in every aspect.

  2. This is completely in line with our topic in our Church yesterday. Praise God! Biblically,it should be "Walk the word" rather than walk the talk. Make sense?

  3. Amen. God help me to be a doer of your word