Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Daily Grace - His Discipline = His Love

Sometimes, we might not always want to go to God right away when we have a problem or are struggling in a certain area. We know that He could provide relief from our pain. But He is more concerned with dealing with the root of the problem. We may be afraid that He will reveal issues that we are unprepared or unwilling to deal with.

In times like these, it is helpful to remind ourselves that the Lord deals with us as with sons (Heb. 12:7). His discipline, though perhaps painful, is wise. And, His touch is loving. He loves us too much to let us remain as we are. He wants to conform us to the likeness of His Son, Jesus (Rom. 8:29).

God's purposes of love can be trusted more than any of our emotions of fear. His hand of discipline is a hand of love. Don't get disappointed if you are struggling. Just always think that it is for your own good because He loves you (Rom. 8:28). The Lord corrects the people He loves and disciplines those He calls His own (Heb. 12:6)