Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Daily Grace - When All Else Fails, He is There

To whom do you run to when you fail? When you lose hope, to whom do you call first? My friends, always remember that when all else fails, He is there. God is there. We are His portion and we are His prize.

it is a fact that heart and flesh do fail, both of the evil and of the good. It's the heart, not the flesh, which needs work. The actions of our life depicts what is going on in the heart. But, God is the strength of our hearts. He owns it. Don't let evil rule over your hearts.

Let Him protect you always from disappointments of failures. Let Him be the foundation of your life by inviting Him to rule over it. From distress to delight, God will bring us out from darkness. And, our portion is forever full, it does not diminish, not for a year, or an age, or a million of ages but for eternity.


  1. you are only my God and savior ..thank you lord for being reightiousness for all ur creatures..

  2. This is my message and my God will change my life and the challenges that am going through to over come them.

  3. Amen. God please help me to allow you control all the thoughts of my heart

  4. Thank you Jesus I Love you teach me how to love others