Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Daily Grace - The Lord is our Good Shepherd

One of the most well known image of God in the Bible is that of the Good Shepherd, which is also beautifully rendered in the treasured Psalm 23. Shepherds also feature as the primary metaphor for leaders in the New Testament, which we may miss because of the preference in newer translations for the term “pastor” rather than Shepherd. Many people living in highly developed societies are far removed from images of a staff-holding, sheep guiding shepherd surrounded by a flock of peacefully resting sheep and goats. But thankfully, in many developing parts of the world the shepherd image of God is easily one they can relate to. 

In Jesus Christ, God is the the loving Shepherd of his flock. Without His adequate attention to his people, they become prey for prowling predators. As the Good Shepherd, God provides for us, protects us, and guides us daily. He ensures we don't fall off the cliff. He is forever clearing the path to ensure we are safe.  

We can have an intimate relationship with our shepherd, which is Jesus Christ. It is our Shepherd who makes life abundant and gave His life for us. Whatever your need, sorrow during these days, trouble tomorrow, God cares for you like a shepherd. We are His sheep in the pastures, we are His people, He is our God.

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