Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Daily Grace - Quit Complaining

Were you complaining about the pay on your job? Were you complaining about how you aren’t recognized? Were you complaining that your house is too small? Or, were you complaining about the car you have when you see someone else get a new car? You don’t have anything good to say about anything. Everything is falling short of your expectations, even God.

Go to the hospital and see the sick fighting for their lives. Go the father that lost his son to violence. Go the 25 year-old in jail for life. Look under the bridge where the homeless sleep. Talk to the countless of women that don’t have job, yet you do.

Quit complaining. Be a grateful person anyways. You are where you are and you have what you have. Be thankful for what God has done, and be confident that He will provide what you need. A loving and all-wise God will bless you when He blesses you. Let your contentment stand on the truth that God always rewards godliness. Serving Him and having a grateful heart is being godly. Considering those and being a blessing to those that have less than you is being godly. Praying for those that have suffered loss is being godly. If He didn’t do anything else, be thankful and godly. This will bring great gain in your life.


  1. Thank u Lord for everything, to remind us, I love u Lord Our God Jesus Christ

  2. We should not complain for anything but always be thankful

  3. Yesterday I was complaining about how I can't afford everything seens I'm the only one woking,I was complaining that I can't be recognised even though I'm beautifull.thank you for this Grace it shown me direction and feel like i owe my father in heaven an apology for doubting his capability.thank you father for everything that I have.amen