Thursday, December 1, 2016

Today We Pray

Dear Lord, thank You and love You for seeing who I really am. I most especially thank You, I fall upon my knees in gratitude, that You love me despite all of the sin and ugliness You see in me. You can see my beauty and heart, also, though, and love me as nobody else possibly could.

Like a father, You love me. Like a perfect brother, You love me. Knowing that You see me so clearly, and yet love me enough to suffer torture and death to save my soul, transcends my comprehension.

I give myself to You wholly, freely; every part of me blesses You. Take me to your bosom, holy Christ; let me live Your love and reflect Your light, that others may see a dim reflection of Your magnificence in my lowly life, and that despite my many grievous faults, I might please You by doing better today, and every day. And this I vow: I will try, at least once today, to take a step closer to you, by the power of the Holy Spirit.