Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today We Pray

Dear Lord, I don’t know what will come this day or farther into the future. But, I’m grateful that You’re by my side. Grant me a spirit of praise and thanksgiving in whatever lies ahead.

Help me to go about the tasks and duties of this day with the remembrance that I am Your servant therein. Make me honest, painstaking, and cheerful. And, grant that all I do and say may bring good to others and glory to your Holy Name.

Grant that in my earthly pilgrimage I may always be supported by this fellowship of love and prayer. And, know myself to be surrounded by their witness to your power and mercy. I ask this for the sake of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.



  1. Thank you Jesus for whatever today brings because I know you care for me! May I be worthy of the love you poor out on me and worthy of the love others show to me , in Jesus name I come before you, Thank You!