Friday, April 14, 2017

The Daily Grace - God's Promise of Revival

Revival starts with us. God tells us that the problem of backsliding and sluggishness of our spirit begins with His people and ends with His people. If the sin of God's people brought them into this situation, then it is their turning from these same sins that will bring the needed help to deliver them from their situation. In other words, unless we can identify our sins, acknowledge them and take full responsibility for them, then we have no hope. We cannot change this world by political reformation and improved educational funding. A church will only be able to turn back from their spiritual decline by carefully following the principles outlined in 2 Chronicles 7:14. This is not the only place these principles are mentioned, but they are clearly articulated here.

Promises are the backbone of the believer. They are what shapes the whole character of the church. Anytime that the church wants to stand erect, it may. There is no question as if God has once and for all left His people to degenerate. In the bleakest of situations, the church can call out to God, and God will hear. This promise is a golden key to unlock the most stubborn door we might run into and bring courage to our unbelieving hearts.

If you are a believer, then this promise is for you. You and I need only to follow the instructions, and we will find refreshing renewal come to our lives. These people are associated with Yahweh, God their Maker. They have decided to come back to Him. Experiences might differ, but they know the Lord and now desire His tender compassion rather than His judgments. Let us see what these steps of action that we need to take to find this renewal.

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