Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, You are my food and my strength; sweet Holy Spirit, the light and guide of my soul. I thank you for this new day and pray that you will watch over me. May my thoughts, my words and actions reflect the Spirit that dwells within me. 

May every minute of my life celebrate the gift of grace, earned by the blood of Christ. You hung upon a cross and died for me so that I might live for You. Your body was broken and Your blood shed so that I might be healed and made whole.

You were faithful unto death so that I might be faithful unto life. Your last command was that we might love one another, one family together from every tribe and nation; a new creation united through Your sacrifice, redeemed by Your blood, healed by Your love, united by Your covenant of peace. Grant that, in Your death I may find life, and in Your suffering I may find peace, today and forever.