Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Daily Grace - Dont Be Distracted

Some universities provides laptop computers for its students. While this can be an aid to the students in many ways, somehow it also hinders learning. The laptops can become a distraction during class. Because the students take notes on their laptops, they have them open on their desks during class. The problem is that they find texting their friends, visiting Facebook, or checking things on the Internet more interesting than their professor's lectures. A laptop loses value in the learning environment if it becomes a distraction - even if what the students are doing is positive.

Good things can do that. Things that have value can draw our attention away from what we should be paying attention to. This was true for Martha. Luke 10:40 says she was "distracted with much serving", which took her away from spending time with Jesus.

In the same way, a good hobby can have value in and of itself. But if it distracts you from your family responsibilities or relationship with God, some changes are needed. Are life's good options distracting you from what your primary priorities should be? Return, as Jesus told Martha, to what is needed.

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