Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Daily Grace - God Makes Us Whole

In our every struggles, we can find comfort in His presence. When we get hurt, expect healing in the Name of Jesus. Whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually, He will make us whole again if we will call on His Name. The recovery may be slow, but rest assured, you will be completely free from that pain.

Like a body, the healing progress is slowly but surely. When we are struck by an ailment, we often get hurt and pained due to the effects of that phenomenon. Physical healing may be slower than we anticipate. This is true also when it comes to spiritual healing. The consequences of bad choices or the actions of difficult people can create burdens or wounds that endure for a lifetime.

But, there is hope, when you are a child of God. God makes us whole, the promise of healing is one-hundred percent sure. Although full restoration is not always experienced, the promise of healing is sure. We will be whole forever in His awesome presence.