Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Daily Grace - Preach God's Message

Why do we preach? What to preach? When to preach those message? How to preach the Word? These are the questions that we most often wonder about preaching.

We need to preach because Jesus Christ is coming to judge each and everyone of us. This means that we need to take life seriously because He is coming soon and there's a need to repent from all of our sins to inherit the Kingdom of God. On the other hand, we should preach God's message, which is the gospel, with application to life. Indeed, the saying "practice what you preach" is true. What you are saying to others should reflect in your life, too.

Lastly, we should also preach at every opportunity that we encounter. Take chances. Our entire life and our walk with God go well into the preaching of the Word, because biblical preaching is God’s truth imparted through a man who walks with God. Proclaim God’s message whenever and wherever you can! Be ready to save someone's life.

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