Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Daily Grace - Work for the Lord

What does it mean to work for the Lord? How do we work for Him? Working in the Lord implies that we live to acknowledge that God is our Master and our boss to whom we are ultimately accountable. This is Paul's reminder to us that we will work for the Lord and not for men (Col. 3:23). Yes, we also have a big accountability on our own works, but the application we bring to our work comes from our realization that in the end, God is our judge.

 In God’s kingdom, our work and prayer are incorporated. We see them as two different tasks that need to be balanced. But they are two expression of the same activity, which is working to carry out what God wants accomplished in fellowship with other people and with God. Imagine what our daily target would be if God were the owner of our workplace. 

Give to Him all the glory. Work for His Name. Be a blessing to each and everyone you encounter. Pray for every work that you will be doing. And, incorporate God in everything that you will do.