Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Daily Grace - Press on Toward the Goal

What are your goals in life? Do you include God as you plan your goals? We must realize that God has a goal in each of our lives. It is the reason why we should include Him in our life goal setting.

It is important to realize that God is at progress in our lives. He has called us to do something. We are a part of His plan. He also does have a plan for your life. His plan will lead you to joy, fulfillment, contentment and eternal blessing that you can experience all the days of your lives.

So, press on toward the goal that Christ has called you. Someday, you will met Him face to face and will tell, "well done, my faithful one". If you just include Him throughout the planning, you will experience a life without any sense of regret or shame, because you are secured in Him. When setting a goal, we should also move on from the past or forget what lies behind. Yes, we cannot do it, but by God's grace, we can press forward and serve God faithfully today and in the future.