Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Daily Grace - Dispelling our Fears

Being frightened is a fun game until the day when the child experiences a real scare. Then, it's no laughing matter. The first real scare often involves separation from a parent. The child wanders away innocently, moving from one attraction to another. But as soon as she realizes she is lost, she panics and lets out a loud cry of alarm. The parent immediately comes running to reassure the child that she is not alone.

As we get older, our fake scares become sophisticated - scary books, movies amusement park rides. Being scared is so invigorating that we may begin taking bigger risks for bigger thrills. But when a real scare comes, we may realize that we, like the ancient Israelites (Isa. 30), have wandered from the One who loves and cares for us. Recognizing that we are in the danger, we panic. Our call for help does not require sophisticated words or a well-reasoned defense, just a desperate cry. 

Like a loving parent, God responds quickly for He longs to have us live in the protection of His love where we need never be afraid. Trusting God's faithfulness helps dispel our fearfulness. We will never walk alone because Christ walks beside us. He is the dearest Friend we've ever known. With such a Friend to comfort and to guide us, surely, we will never walk alone.