Friday, March 17, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear God, You are the source of all warmth, all light, all sustenance. In the morning when I rise, I give praise You my God, who shows His glory in the sun. Let me remember You when I rise and all the day every waking moment.

In Your hands You hold the souls of the righteous, and in your heart there is room for all people. Shine forth upon all who are tried in the furnace of suffering and illness, and especially on those for whom I pray today; in Your grace and mercy may we know that You watch over us. Bring us at the last to abide with You in love.

You bring us out of the darkness of ignorance and the blindness of death every day, that we might remember who made us and who sustains us. Your sun is a promise, that the night of death will end and you will rise again. And with You, all who confess the name of your blessed Son, Christ Jesus.