Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, You are high and above all, Lord Almighty. I bow to You as the Ruler of my life. You are my strength and my deliverer.

I thank You for this new day and pray that You will watch over me. May my thoughts, my words and actions reflect the Spirit that dwells within me. And may every minute of my life celebrate the gift of grace, earned by the blood of Christ, in whose name I pray.

I pray that You will fill me so full of your might and love that I will not sin against myself or anybody else, this day, or ever. But if I do, I plead with You. Give me that undeserved grace You showed by the life and sacrifice of Your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ.



  1. Am thankful to you ooh my Lord that may my reflection reflect none but you ooh jehova jire I pray that yiu may deliver us from the fate of our grandees that we may not suffer what they went through Almighty father you are worthy to our souls ooh God I pray that may all that seek youwin true and holiness may find you in true deliver me from earthly thoughts and wants my lord as you blesses others so shouldn't forget about me in the Mighty name of your son Jesus Christ do pray