Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Daily Grace - Love God's Word

The Bible is a special book. It is the Words of our loving God. Loving God's Word is also like loving the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength. You are loving his stories, promises and sweet messages to you.

One touching viral video in a social media site showed the reactions of the people in a certain race when they received their Bibles. You can see the excitement and their hunger for God's Word. You can see how they love the Lord through their response when they saw that Bibles were distributed to them. You can see that in their hearts, they wanted to know the Lord more and grow spiritually.

Let us agree on the Law of God with all of our hearts. It is one way of showing our love and faith to Him. It will put a smile on God's face when we obey His Word. He knows what's best for us. Just trust and obey His commands.