Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Daily Grace - Obey God and be Blessed

Obeying the Lord may be hard sometimes. There are some of His Words that are hard to take action. But, we should follow His standards, not our own. He knows what is best to do. We are still in the making to be like Him in our entire life.

The Lord promised us that He will watch over us and answer our prayers when we obey Him. Blessings will come if we just obey. There are good fruits in obedience. We can't see it now but by faith, God causes everything for our own good.

Obey God always and be blessed. Ask Him to give you courage and to strengthen your faith no matter what will happen in your lives. It is also to develop your character of obedience. Good things will come to those who will wait and obey God. Trust His heart.