Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Daily Grace - Overcome Evil with Good

Do not give the enemy a chance in your life. Do not ever entertain evil thoughts. When dealing with ungodly situations, always think of the good things that you can contribute to it. Let kindness and goodness wrap around you.

Do not suffer your temper to be excited; your Christian principles to be abandoned; your mild, amiable, kind, and benevolent temper to be ruffled by any opposition or injury which you may experience. Maintain your Christian principles amidst all opposition, and thus show the power of the gospel. They are overcome by evil who suffer their temper to be excited, who become enraged and revengeful and who engage in contention with those who injure them (Barnes, 2016)

Let the light shine on you wherever you will go by overcoming evil with good. Once you start spreading goodness around you, ungodliness has no room in your life. As a child of God, portray that Christ-like character so that people will be blessed by your simple act. With this, you are already spreading the love of Christ and people will come to know Him more and His goodness.


  1. Amen. God please help me not to intertain evil thoughts in Jesus' name. Help me to be a blessing to my generation.

  2. Amen. Lord Jesus grant me your grace to overcome evil thoughts with good thoughts.