Friday, August 26, 2016

The Daily Grace - Take Good Care of your Name

What do people think, when they hear your name? How do you feel when people respect you a lot? Or, how do you feel when people look up to you? When you just have a good reputation, it is indeed a great honor to serve the people. Serving the people also means you're being a good steward of the Lord.

Having a good reputation is much more greater than the riches of this world. It is more desirable than those treasures around us. Your reputation is an asset far more important than anything in this world. The respect of others and their affection for you is an asset you should strive. Your character is a precious treasure that you should cultivate each day by wise choices. 

Take good care of your name and put great emphasis on your reputation and relationships. But, don't ever forget to please God. Once you please the Lord over people, that is the time that people will look up to you more. Have a life with honorable behavior, godly wisdom, moral courage and personal integrity. Most of all, the love of God should always be there wherever you will go so that your light will shine upon men and living to leave a legacy for God’s glory.