Monday, August 22, 2016

The Daily Grace - Vengeance is God's, Not Ours

Did you felt or do you feel right now that you want to take revenge to someone who mistreats you? Or, do you want to pay back to your enemies? Be reminded that the Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still (Ex. 14:14). Entrust this concern to the Lord and He will work on this.

We must extend our patience every time we encounter various trials, especially to those people who hurt us. Leave the way open for God’s wrath and His judicial righteousness. We are the children of God and He loves us. He will protect us from the wrath of the evil one. Because He loves You, He will permit nothing to be done to you that He will not turn to your advantage.

Leave all your hurts to the Lord. He will be the one to intervene with this. He will repay in His own time and His own way. Trust His ways. Have faith in the Lord. Instead, pray for those who mistreats you and bless them, do not curse them (Rom. 12:14)