Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Daily Grace - Speak Blessings

How do you feel when people bless you? Also, how do you feel too when the people around you promotes positivity? Indeed, it feels good and you love to be with those people. You want them to be with you in your daily walk. You feel encouraged to do epic everyday.

God instructed us to keep our tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies (Ps. 34:13). Surely, it is disappointing if someone's saying bad things around you, especially to yourself. Lying is a sin, and God hates sin. But, he don't hate the sinner. 

In this sinful world, instead of being negative, let us spread positive vibes around. Bless the people around you, and God will bless you, too. Speak blessings, instead of evil things. For sure, we will put a smile on God's face if we do these things.