Monday, July 18, 2016

The Daily Grace - Don't Be Deceived

Many false teachings and preachers are sprouting nowadays. They are like clothed in sheep's clothing, but deep inside, they are ravenous wolves. They may preach flowery words and messages, but always check if these words are in line with the Word of God. It may be an encouraging one, but is it what God is really telling us? How to know if that is a false one?

False preachers or preaching do not bear the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is found in Galatians 5:22-23. Thus, they walk according to the flesh, despise the authority and they let their filthy desires rule. They are full of ego, greed and cheat you with smooth talk. All of these are the warning signs of a false preacher or preaching. God does not want you to deceived by them.

Jesus laid down His life for His sheep, which is us. He did not pursued his personal interest. Because of His love, He even offered His life for us. So, true preachers are God-centered and focused on His Words in the Bible. God don't want us to be misled or go astray. There is only one Christ in this world, which is Jesus, the true Shepherd of our souls.

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  1. Anoint my eyes with the Holy spirit so that I can differentiate the false prophets and real prophets of you my Lord. Amen to the word. May your name be glorified