Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Daily Grace - Love > Fear

Do you fear in loving someone? Do you fear in failed relationships? We should not fear in love, 'coz perfect love casts out all fears. Since God is the author of love, we should not fear about it. We will be secured in the Author of Love's hands.

Once you experience the unconditional love of the Lord, you will be complete. You lack nothing. It is because God's love is a full-blown package. You will experience great things in your life once you love the Lord. This is the perfect and real love.

So, do not fear now. He is with You, He is embracing His complete love to you. Once you love the Lord with all your heart, loving others will be easy. Do not take for granted the love of the Lord. You will create a great impact if you are filled with His love.

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