Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Daily Grace - Words spoken rashly do more harm than good

A famous Children Bible Song said, "O be careful little mouth what you say. There's a Father up above and He's looking down in love. So, be careful little mouth what you say". It is a reminder for us since we are still little ones that we should be careful with everything that we say. It may harm others and bless others, too. Words spoken rashly do more harm than good.

We also need to listen to ourselves to learn how others might be receiving our word. Before doing or saying anything, think if it this is beneficial to others or not. Evaluate first before throwing a word. Imagine the words that you say will also be thrown back to you, what will you feel?

Whenever we speak out of fear, anger, ignorance or pride, even those words are true, our listeners will hear more than our words. They hear emotions that also reflects our character. Let us not be misunderstood. If we just examine ourselves and our words beforehand, little or no harm will happen.

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