Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Daily Grace - Trust God whenever you're afraid

Have faith and trust in the Lord whenever you feel terrified or afraid of something. It is the key to let your fears subside. Knowing that the Lord is at your side, that feeling of fear will lessen. He will protect you from the attacks of the enemy. 

Let God be known in our lives during our weakest moments and in our greatest fears. God's love swims against the current of life's false fears. Once you are wrapped by the love of the Lord, you will feel safe wherever you will go and whatever will happen. 

Receive God's love today in a way that enables us to show it to others, especially those closest to us. Share God's love to others so that they may feel the love and protection from our Heavenly Father. Let Him guide you all the way. Spread the blessings!


  1. Amen. Thank God for His confirmation of His promise to me. Things are happening now that lead me to be fearful of the outcome. So I am appreciative of His words today.

    God bless.