Monday, July 4, 2016

The Daily Grace - Pray today for the Peace of our Nations

Have you already prayed for someone in your entire life? For sure, you are also praying for your friends, family and loved ones, not just for yourselves. But how about for your nation, are you praying for your country and its leaders? It is also important to pray for the country and for its high ranking officials. This will also portray that we are a good steward of His creations and plans if we pray for it.

If we will humbly pray, God will answer our prayers from Heaven. He will forgive is and He will make our nations great, this is just one of His promises to us. God also intervenes for our nation, and when He intervenes, He is using ordinary people. We may not be assigned in a higher rank, but we can do what is right that brings honor to our nations. And, one of this is through interceding.

This is indeed a challenging task. This world may be chaotic but we can pray for peace, order, humility and healing. Let us be an intercessor, this is both a privilege and a duty. Seek the Lord with all Your heart. God answers prayer.


  1. Thanks my load to bring me in this Nation.
    God bless my family
    God bless my Nation Tanzania

  2. God bless the whole world cos it's loving.God bless Nigeria.....