Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Today We Pray

Dear Lord, I acknowledge Your presence in this very moment. Help me to turn down the world’s volume so that I can hear Your voice, speaking through me. I invite You in my heart and in my life.

Thank You for Your unconditional love. Through Your love, I can be completely honest with You because I know You will listen to my concerns, I can talk openly to You without hesitation. Now, I share what I feel to You, Lord.

All to You Jesus, I surrender all. Take hold of my life. I surrender my worries and concerns that are dragging me down right now, this is no longer mine, Lord.



  1. We always have to remember that the Lord is watching over us and has control over all things. All ways keep your faith no matter what and always remember sometimes the Lord does nit give us the answer we want our always says yes to our prayers for he is god of all things and the Lord knows what's best for his children!