Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Daily Grace - You've Got a Friend

This may be a popular song title, but there is Someone up there who is gladly calling us His friend. His Name is Jesus. "I have called you friends", this was His Word in John 15:15. Would you like Jesus to be Your friend for a lifetime? Take that opportunity now.

If you let Jesus to be your best of friend, you will experience greatness and amazing things in your life. Blessings and grace will continuously flow in your lives. You will never be alone if Jesus is your friend. There is no such thing as "Forever Alone", because He is with you always.

Those who know Jesus as their friend will never be alone. It is their secret why they are still persevered when trials come in their life. He is everything to us. He is the complete package Friend. What a friend we have in Jesus, indeed!

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