Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Daily Grace - Work Heartily for the Lord

In everything that you do, your labor is not in vain when you work for the Lord. You will the peace and the guidance of the Lord if you work heartily in His Name. When you are not appreciated or not noticed, do not be dismayed! God wastes nothing. Every acts of service rendered for His glory are noted and has an eternal reward.

Blessings will come if you acknowledge God in everything. 'Coz He is the author of our life and He is the one who put you in that position. As long as you are working for the Lord, everything will just follow. Do not get tired or weary. Do not give up!

God knows your heart. He knows every details of your life. Give thanks to Him in everything that you do. It is a great feeling when you're working for the Lord and not for men. You will feel complete satisfaction and security. You feel complete when God is in your heart.

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