Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Daily Grace - The Embrace of God

Adrian Edwards was separated from his parents as a toddler, passed along from institution to foster home, and introduced to a life of crime at a young age. As a teenager, he was convicted of armed robber and spent time in Western Australia's Fremantle jail. There, in a strange twist of fate, he met his father who was serving time for murder. Adrian was released but longed to see his father again. Father and son did meet again when Adrian was convicted a second time. Adrian served his sentence and was released, but he desired to be with his father. Finally, a string of armed robberies had Adrian back in the courts. "He is looking forward to spending a long period of time incarcerated with his father", his lawyer informed the judge. A long sentence followed. Adrian's plan to be with his dad was finally fulfilled.

Orphans long for their parent's embrace and will do extraordinary things to receive it. Thankfully, there's a God who longs for His children and goes to extraordinary lengths to embrace us. "I will not abandon you as orphans", Jesus once told His disciples (John 14:18). They had met their Creator-incarnate (1:3) and would soon lose Him for a time (14:1-2), but they were not to fret. He was going to prepare their heavenly room and would return to collect them (v. 3). He was sending them the Holy Spirit, who would "never leave" (v. 6). And as the Spirit was received into the disciples' obedient hearts, Jesus said something extraordinary would happen: Father, Son, and Spirit together would come and live within them (v. 23). The disciples would be wrapped in the embrace of God - in intimate union with Jesus and the Father (v. 20).

This promise stands for all - for Adrian Edwards and for us. Love the Son, receive the Spirit, and be embraced in the Father's arms.