Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Daily Grace - Helping Your Church

A group of teenagers on a ministry trip in Jamaica were enjoying some downtime with a game of Ultimate Frisbee. But when someone noticed that a boat had overturned off a nearby beach, the game ended and the teens eagerly rushed to the water to help. There they found a small group of professional boat operators struggling with their craft - trying to turn it upright. That's where the teens could help. They waded in, put their young strength to work, and together they were able to right the boat.

What happened that day in the Caribbean Sea reminds me of what can happen in the church. The "professionals", the pastor and others who are trained to lead the church, face a task they can't do alone. It's often a struggle to get the work of the church done until lay people join in and work alongside the leadership. This was the situation in Acts 6. Some people in the church were being neglected, and the "professionals", the apostles who were leading the church, realized they couldn't do everything by themselves. Only when seven laypeople pitched in to help the leaders could the church proceed.

How can you come alongside your pastor and other leaders to help keep your church moving ahead? Think of some good things that you can help your church. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect. Be a part of a local church and utilize your service for God's glory.