Friday, May 19, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear God, as I cross the threshold of this day, I commit myself Your care. Mold me in Your image. In everything I say and do, let my mind be on the eternal goodness of heaven rather than the vanities of earth, meaningless pride, or the anger and envy that tear apart my precious soul.

I dedicate myself to Your holiness and pray that You may be with me, to check my tongue before it can speak evil and to stop my hand when it seeks to sin. I come to You as a child. I will look to You for guidance and wisdom.

All through this day, O Lord, by the power of Your quickening Spirit, let me touch the lives of others for good, whether through the word I speak, the prayer I speak, or the life I live. Let me know the joyful feeling of having done something that pleased You; let me never feel the pain of knowing I have disappointed You. And let me live without fear, without confusion, always steady in the certainty of Your forgiveness and ultimate victory, I pray.