Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear God, I pray for commitment and enthusiasm in every good work, showing the happiness and cheerfulness that comes only when we work for You. Let me live in Your presence. Give me patience in difficulties, Lord, being happy and cheerful as I place my trust in You. 

Show me how to live in your presence. When difficulties arise, teach me to be patient. Let me break the cycle of evil, conquering it with goodness, for only with Your help and Your strength can I live fully in obedience to Your Word.

I bind myself to You this day, oh Christ, in Your truth and in Your sacrifice. I give to You my anxiety and my fear, my depression and my doubt, for You have promised to take them if we only ask; and I take upon myself Your burden, for it is light and Your way is gentle. May I keep this in my heart and mind all this day.