Monday, May 15, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear God, open my eyes that I may see Your hand in all of Your works this day and most especially in those You have made in Your image. Open my heart that I may see Your holy presence surrounding me. Let me hear Your voice like the uninterrupted roar of a great waterfall that cannot be silenced and cannot be stopped and cannot be overcome by any temptation of flesh.

Draw my heart back to Your love the instant I begin to hate. If I am proud, drown my pride in Your glory. Teach me to be careful in nothing when it comes to You, Holy God, and let me know and shine forth the truth.

I pray to be filled with Your Holy Spirit for the rest of this day. Let me go forth, walking with Your Spirit in my heart, that I may be filled with the joy and energy and praise for Your entire creation, thankful in the many gifts you have given me, and showing forth Your light in my every word and deed. This I pray in Christ's name.