Monday, May 1, 2017

Today We Pray

Dear Lord, as I come before You this morning, my spirit is filled with thanks that You have given me a life and filled it with meaning. Knowing that You have a purpose for me is such a gift as I cannot express. Even when the world or my own thoughts fill me with feelings of worthlessness, I can turn to You and know, fully certain, that You are in charge and have filled my existence with meaning and purpose I cannot fully understand.

You promised that if we love You and obey Your teaching, You and the Father will make Your home with us. I declare my love for You. And, there is nothing I want more than to have You live with me, present in my life.

Help me to follow Your teaching in every way, for you have given us grace, that by Your death and resurrection, we may be perfect before You. Accept my love and be with me, today and always. I pray, not by my merit, but by Your grace.