Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Daily Grace - There is Blessing in Every Failure


How do you respond to failures? What do you do after you fail? Sometimes, like an inventor, we followers of Jesus Christ may also find ourselves frozen in fear after a failure in our personal lives. We are unsure on how to pick up the pieces and move on. We might even spend our remaining time, waiting for a big idea or action that can help us recover from a previous failure.

Do not forget that Jesus has already done that on our behalf. He covered our shame. And, He set us free to fellowship with God and serve Him daily. It is because He gave His life, and rose again. When we fall, we can arise with Him, for He delights in mercy.

The moment we find Jesus, our eternity with Him begins. He walks alongside us so He can change us into the people we long to be. We are created to be like Him. Look up from your failure, and you'll find God standing ready to receive you. Remember, there is blessing in every failure you encounter. Trust in Him always.


  1. Amen, give me the grace Lord To trust in you no matter the situation I find my self in to.

  2. Give me the grace to trust you no matter the situation I find myself in, Amen.

  3. hank you Jesus. Deliver me Lord from every evil. May the Holy Spirit fall upon me as God still speaks today.

  4. AMEN, Thank you Lord Jesus, I will keep Trusting in You Lord no matter the situation I find myself in to, because my future lies in your Hands.