Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Daily Grace - Be Strong in the Lord

When we're in the middle of suffering, or when doubts start threatening our faith, what are our anchors? Where do we go to first or what do we do first? Whenever we feel odd, go to God first. Like the story of Joshua when he is in the middle of suffering, He said to him that He will always be with him and help him. God will do the same to us like what he did to Joshua.

He promised us that He will be with us wherever we will go. We need to be strong in His Name. Like the strength of an anchor, we cannot feel the stress of the storms in our lives. It is because an anchor is very strong and cannot be moved right away. He is our Anchor that keeps our spirit steadfast and sure while the billows roll.

Let us fasten to the Rock and Anchor which cannot be moved. Be grounded and firm in His love. Be strong in the Lord and take good courage. We need Him, the Anchor, to hold us secure in our spiritual storms. Although our faith may feel weak, if it's anchored in God's promises and presence, He will safely hold us.